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Clinic is re-opening for face to face appointments from 16th June

We are delighted to re-open the clinic for face to face appointments and Pilates 1:1 sessions.

We’ve been working hard to ensure we open a COVID-19 safe environment for our clients and staff. And the team at Therapy and Life Centre has worked all this time to be ready to welcome you to the refurbished environment.

There are a few changes so please take a moment to read this post through.

Before your appointment

We are operating Virtual First approach. Prior to your appointment you will be assessed for clinical needs and screened for any risk factors. We will also have to ask several questions regarding any COVID-19 symptoms.

Before your appointment takes place, you will be sent an email with the relevant information.

Before your appointment

Before you leave your house for the clinic please ensure you have used the lavatory and are well hydrated as the kitchen and toilet facilities are not in use.

All clients should arrive at the clinic as close to their appointment time as possible and on their own, unless chaperoning a child for their appointment.

Entering the clinic

We ask you to arrive to the clinic as close to the appointment time as possible and wait outside to be called in. This is to avoid contact with other clients who may be on their way out from their appointment.

In the clinic we ask you to wear a mask (please take it with you or alternatively one can be purchased from the clinic) and sanitise your hands with the provided products.

Your Physio Session

Your physiotherapist will be wearing a PPE.

All rooms and equipment will be cleaned between appointments.

Please use BACS for any outstanding balance. Unfortunately we are not able to accept cash or cheques.

After your appointment

Physiotherapist will be able to book you in for your next session either straight after your appointment or they will be in contact with you to do it over phone or email. Once again we ask you to sanitise your hands with the provided products upon leaving the clinic and we ask you to take your mask with you.

You will be safe with us in the clinic, but please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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