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Let's yoga!

As today is the World Mental Health Day, I thought I would share my recent yoga experience. As you know, I am trained as a Pilates teacher and use it in my practice, however yoga has always been another interest of mine. And I am not alone as there have been more and more yoga course out there targeted for physiotherapists to use in their treatments.

Recently physiotherapy profession has undergone a paradigmatic shift with the biopsychosocial model development. I truly believe that for better patient outcomes a practitioner needs to have a holistic approach. And I think that the more I have tried out different exercise classes, therapies etc and engaged with other practitioners, I become more useful for my patients.

Yoga creates inner physical and emotional balance. It uses postures combined with breathing techniques that are mainly based on isometric muscle contractions.

Yoga can help to improve:




-reduce depression, stress and anxiety

-improve sleep

-improve digestion

The great thing about yoga is that it isn’t a competition, which means that you don’t have to be flexible, strong etc to start. You can just start right now and make your own journey out of it based on what you need the most.

I personally have loved the hot yoga classes, because it is what I need. Sweat, enjoyably awkward positions I have never been in, and most importantly I feel that my mind is resting from day to day thoughts. And I feel I have grown since the first class I attended. I went there with an attitude that I can do it, it’s nothing. At the very beginning I learned that yes, I can do it, but I have to find and accept what it actually is that I can do at that time. There were women being far more flexible, more balanced than me, doing headstands and all other wonderful things. I couldn’t and I still cannot, but that is okay. I put my ego aside and accepted that whatever I can at this moment is good enough. I have seen people crying during and after the class and I feel happy for them. To be honest, after my class I feel happy for everyone.

So why not give it a go?

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