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Cervicogenic headaches

Headache is one of the most common conditions present at all stages of life. Most of us have

at least once experienced pain in their head. The cause of your pain however may differ. The International Headache Society classifies headache into a range of disorders comprising three broad categories as follows: Primary Headache, Secondary Headache and Cranial Neuropathies and Other Headache.

In this text we are exploring one of the types in the secondary headache category called cervicogenic headache.

So what is it? Why it happens? And how can physiotherapy help you?

Cervicogenic headache is associated with neck pain and stiffness. It is mostly unilateral pain that presents as either a dull ache at the base of the skull or a referred pain into the front/side of the head and face. Symptoms like dizziness, referred pain to the arm and shoulder and reduced neck movements can also be experienced.

Common causes may be:

*clenching your jaw and/or grinding teeth causing tightness in the TMJ

*sustained neck positions causing discomfort

*wrong sleeping position

*uncomfortable and not supportive pillow

*previous trauma to the neck area

*joint stiffness and muscle tension

How can physiotherapy benefit you?

Physiotherapists in Nordic Physio can assess your joints and muscles to find out the specific cause for your headache. Based on the assessment an individualised treatment plan will be made.

Your treatment may include:

*massage to reduce tightness

*joint mobilisations


*tape application for postural control

* postural training

*advice on supportive pillows

* exercises to stretch the neck and shoulders

Please contact us on 07564258958 or via our website if you would like to discuss your symptoms and whether physiotherapy is the right treatment for you.

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