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Physiotherapy in pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth can bring great joy, however your body goes through many different postural and physiological changes which can cause different musculoskeletal problems in your body during and/or after the pregnancy. Research has also shown that all pre-existing conditions seem to exacerbate during pregnancy. It is still common to think that it is normal to have pain during pregnancy. In many cases slight discomfort is expected, however no woamn should put up pain that affects her daily life. During pregnancy due to hormonal and postural changes some of your muscles shorten, some of them lengthen

Most common problems are low back pain, pelvic girdle pain, incontinence which can all affect simple activities like sitting and walking which we often take for granted.

How can physiotherapy help?

In Nordic Physio we are specialising in ante and post natal physiotherapy. Your treatment will be individualized and may include any of the following:

*Postural education

*Advice regarding sacral belt use


*Manual therapy to restore normal joint and soft tissue movement

*Targeted exercise programme

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